Quay 506, Antwerp, Belgium:

Schelde-Natie's E-Crane is discharging 3000 MT of rapeseed. With this crane we can discharge up to 400 - 450 MT per hour.

Schelde-Natie NV – Specialists in grains and seeds, handling almost 2.000.000 MT/ year!

Since 1899, Schelde-Natie has been a commodity handling company in the port of Antwerp. After a couple of years, we also founded a commodity inspection division. Till today, the scope of the inspection division lies mainly in the agricultural products, but also in chemicals and fertilizers. The surveyors mostly operate in the ports of Antwerp and Ghent, but worldwide inspections can be issued.

In 2013, Schelde-Natie Inspections was founded as a separate division from Schelde-Natie NV.

The operations of Schelde-Natie NV take place on 3 locations. In Antwerp (Belgium), Sas van Ghent (Netherlands) and Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands), we handle almost 2 million tons of grains and seeds in bulk per year. About 20 employees make sure all these goods are handled providing the best service for our clients, with respect for the safety and health of people and environment.