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2017: expanding forwarding activities in a seperate business unit
2014: startup discharge terminals Bergen op Zoom & Sas van Gent
2013: Schelde-Natie Inspections becomes part of Control Union
2011: construction of warehouse “Ecostore” – 66.000m² on the old General Motors site, including 17.000 solar panels on the rooftop
2008: stevedoring and inspections activities are separated
2006: a new agribulk (E-Crane) discharging terminal is constructed in Antwerp
2004: Schelde-Natie leaves the Schutter Group and puts the main focus on stevedoring & warehousing
2000: VCA* certification as first stevedore in Antwerp
1999: Schelde-Natie is part of The Schutter Group Netherlands and has a world-wide network
1995: Schelde-Natie takes over all grain activities from The Antwerp Grainwork Company. Start of stevedoring, forwarding and agency activities in Antwerp
1938: Schelde-Natie is mainly involved in inspection business
1938: Begrana (Union of grain companies) is founded - Schelde-Natie will have a crucial role in the Union
1899: Schelde-Natie is founded


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