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Mission Statement


EHS (Environment, Health & Safety)


Schelde-Natie N.V. is an independent company clearly present in cargo handling and logistic services. The company intends to increase its market share and pursue a continuous improvement in the quality of its services with respect to its customers. Flexibility, creativity and problem-solving towards our customers are our main values.

Schelde-Natie N.V. gives priority to the safety, health and well-being of its employees in carrying out its business activities. In addition, when implementing this policy, it will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in our industry. The employees and contractors are well informed and trained to be familiar with these regulations so they can contribute to a safe and healthy work environment.

Schelde-Natie N.V. provides all its employees and contractors with the training and resources they need to be able to take their individual responsibilities. All employees and contractors take responsibility to comply with the own safety precautions, as well as those drawn up by the client. Through dynamic risk analysis, Schelde-Natie N.V. is able to locate and identify dangerous tasks and situations. It is therefore its duty, both for own staff and for third parties, to eliminate or control these tasks and situations to prevent personal injury, material and environmental damage and to strive for zero accidents.

In order to ensure food safety, Schelde-Natie N.V. will always work complying to the latest FCA standard (published by Ovocom VZW) and the FAVV / NVWA guidelines.

Only the joint effort of all co-workers can lead to the desired success and continuous improvement of our quality in Service and (Food)Safety.

Frank Van Raemdonck
Schelde-Natie N.V.
Managing Director


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